About us

PublishLike - is a free web-service where everyone can create and distribute digital printed editions prepared for tablet computers. Publishlike allows its users to publish anything: books, magazines, ad booklets, lectures and notes, fiscal reports, goods catalogues, comic books and so on.
As of now, two operation systems are supported: Apple iOS and Google Android 3.0+. In spite of this fact, it is possible to publish user's content on devices like iPad (made by Apple, Inc) and tablet computers made by Samsung, Acer and other companies.

Peculiarities and functions of the service.
PDF (Portable Document Format) file is used on Publishlike as user's content container. It is possible to enrich every page of content with multimedia types like: links to external sites, online video, audio files, illustrations. Content can be distributed for free amongst interested audience or can be sold, thus, making a profit for publisher.
Our goal at PublishLike.com is to give everyone the ability to easily publish any publication, magazine, booklet or book manuscript on the best digital platform ever seen. On Apple's AppStore with iPad device family. You can not only publish whatever you need, but add an interactive content like links, video, audio and images to make your publication more attractive to your readers. And the best part. You're just in a few mouse clicks away from your own reader app for an iPad. You don't have to know even a bit about how to make programs. Just upload your PDF file, add rich multimedia content to every page and that's it. Simple as A-B-C!
And we’ve done just that. So, don't miss an excellent opportunity to enter evolving market of digital publication and take an action today. Let us help you to publish. Like pro.

Users of Publishlike
Service itself is very simple to use and can be used by professional companies and private persons as well. Professional or private publishing houses can distribute their magazines, books and other printed editions. Schools, colleges and universities might distribute news and advertising materials amongst their pupils/students and parents and publish information about themselves for everyone who wants to apply for education. Commercial companies who produce goods and services can publish their brochures and catalogues for clients and partners. By doing so, they can communicate better and in more efficient manner to understand their clients' needs and to promote their latest actions and advertisement companies.
Hotels and restaurants using a Publishlike to distribute their menus and advertisement booklets to let their customers know about what's going on and where. This distribution brings them an attention of existing and new clients. Publicly traded companies use PublishLike.com to publish their fiscal year reports, corporate news and other information relevant to their shareholders. Document distribution in form of applivcation for tablet computer allows to restrict access to designated circle of subscribers and it can brings potential investors as sign of innovative technology use..
Private persons are using Publishlike to publish their own self-written books for kids and adults, greeting cards for friends and colleagues, comic books made by themselves and so on.

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